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Quadeca – Thank You Next Lyrics

Thank You Next Lyrics By Quadeca
(feat. Sad Frosty)

(Quadeca and Frosty like what?)

None of my s--- f------ match, I’m still the best dressed
“Who just f----- my b----?”
Take your best guess (hahaha)
B---- I wake up fresh I do not get dressed
My b---- is evangelical christian, she like heck yes (amen)
Saying no way like you Jose
I been killing s--- like OJ
Cancelling school when I go iced out, it’s a snowday
Okay, we going up
When they see the check I’m getting they be throwing up
B---- type Q into m------------ google and I really be the first thing that be showing up

I been like “thank you next”
I hit that b---- with a thank you text
Who been on that s---, better take your guess
When I’m out in Palo Alto like the grateful dead, huh
Call me Kodak, I’m a suburban dude…
They call you… they call you what? We never heard of you

[Sad Frsoty:]
I tell her thank you, next
Callin’ Quadeca shoot baby text
Ride with the choppa, I hit with the blade
All of my soles look like a parade, what?
Huh? Yuh
Why they Goofy they be talking that s---
‘Hunid bands got it all in my hip
I f--- on that b---- in the back of the whip, yeah aye…
Oprah all up in my d--- but you knew that
Feel like Shek Wes like how that boy do that
Twenty racks in the strip club I just thew that, huh what?
Hit for twenty in Japan
Shorty she knew I’m the man
Run in the guap and I cop the advanced

Count the advances
F--- an AK I shoot cannons
Your grandma just bought my tape for her grandkids
Always thinking what would Jesus do?
And I just f----- a b---- in my sandals
Your favorite rapper got cancelled
I just spent $3,000 dollars to clear up a sample
Just an example
100 Mil on my channel
They all like that is substantial
Too much too handle, huh
When I talk s--- it’s scandal, huh
I do not rap I just ramble
Roll on your block like some campbells
They all say I am a handful
Everybody belittle me
But I get hits like I’m playing in little league
So f--- an industry plant
I’ll plant myself in the industry
In my own shoes I ain’t giving no sympathy

I been on the regular, yeah
Tryna get ahead of ya, yeah
I just wanna let you know
I don’t wanna let you go
I just wanna be for you
I’ll do everything I think you need me to
I don’t wanna let you go
Let you go, go…

None of my s--- f------ match, I’m still the best dressed, huh…
Take your best guess, hahaha, yeah

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