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Jeff Tweedy – Guaranteed Lyrics

Guaranteed Lyrics by Jeff Tweedy

We’ve been through
A lot
Me and you
Hospitals and bars
I know how it hurts
I’m a piece of work
And you’re no walk in the park
Oh, that’s a good place to start

When things go wrong
Our love gets stronger

A normal heart is a shopping cart
Left by the side of the road
Maybe I’m naive
Is it up to me
Whether I’m alive or alone?
Oh, I’d love to know

How things go wrong
Love gets stronger each day
Things go wrong
And our love is stronger that way

Tragedy is guaranteed

Things go wrong
We think we can’t go on
Nothing can break you and me

Oh oh oh
I’m lucky I’m not alone

Oh, I don’t need to know
Why things go wrong
Our love gets stronger that way

Don’t let your pain go to waste

Jeff Tweedy Lyrics