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Loyle Carner – Desoleil (Brilliant Corners) Lyrics

Desoleil (Brilliant Corners) Lyrics by Loyle Carner
feat. Sampha

[Loyle Carner]
Nobody thought I was leaving
Caught with the greavin’, was taught to misleading, when all I been caught in the seasons
But i’ve changed for the better and I know that
Things don’t look better through a kodak
But somethings look special in a throwback
Out in the cold and im telling you to hold that
Just there
Beauty in bold, I stare cus your froze in the cold night air, as the show lights glare
You can hold my beer
Cus the camios grow so rare
I suppose I care
About you more than anyone else and I know thats true
So I propose and I say I do and we’ll run to the moon, september – june
In july we can sleep in your room
Never way too soon
You go home to your favorite tune like
Mmmm – mmm – mmmmm

Spending time, Spending time
Was never a waste of mine , with you

[Loyle Carner]
Uh, trust me, trust me
Speaking of love well it must be
Cleaning the bed when it’ dusty
Who else gonna moisture my face when it’s crusty?
It must be, it must be
Done with the games cus im rusty
And I ain’t afraid that you love me
Wait till we get our own place and its comfy
You touch these starts
Silently touch these scars
Laying in my arms and the bus breeze past, imma tell you that the trust needs ours
Cus it just needs ours
Bumping the nahs
Lisbon to mars
Twisted ties(?)

Spending time, Spending time
Was never a waste of mine
With you
Inner-vibes down my spine, in the months, inter tuition intertwined and grew and grew and grew and grew–
Huh, and grew
Uh oh ah
Slept on it
Feeling kinda distant from Desoleil
I know you’re out of town and only a text away
I wish that you were here and right next to me
Enlightened paulo santos to the west of me
Been battling some villains and they press on me
Without that guiding voice there especially
Missing here together on the chest you breath

[Loyle Carner]
Uh, uh
Lines that I write will survive
Another night blinds with the ties
Take mine till its fine
The time flies by till im sitting with the stars in her eyes
Can’t lie but i need to, i need you
Knee deep in the sea that we been through
Seen gleams but the beams will mislead you
So i leave speaking the evil to these
Who wanna keep
Wanna talk, i dont wanna speak
Wanna walk, I dont wanna be
Something more than a cup of tea that you come and see
Fiesty but you’re screaming to cover me
Deep cus your mother weeps when your brother leaves
Need sleep can’t speak when you love for me
All the other geeze want a piece but you’re putting up with me cus I see that you’re deeply in love with me
You’re deeply in love with me?

Loyle Carner Lyrics