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Fat White Family – Oh Sebastian Lyrics

Oh Sebastian Lyrics by Fat White Family

[Fat White Family]
Is there anything more inspiring
Than a menial job and the pittance it brings
Oh Sebastian, won’t you smile for me?

[Fat White Family]
Yes, it’s going to get ugly and it’s going to get tight
I’ve got a feeling in my gut and that feeling ain’t right
Soaking up all meaning, helping itself to the rest of your life

[Fat White Family]
All I put down on your table is cold raw abuse
You try to swallow it down, put it to good use
Oh Sebastian, won’t you cry for me?

[Fat White Family]
Yes, it’s going to take energy and it’s going to take time
But I got this feeling in my gut that you’ve barely arrived
Crawling across your ceiling
Helping myself to the best of your mind