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Wiz Khalifa – Yea Yup Lyrics

Yea Yup Lyrics by Wiz Khalifa

[Wiz Khalifa]
Uh, get up off yo a--
This cash ain’t gon’ get itself, the race ain’t gon’ win itself
Focus on yo business and yo health
Put them notches on yo belt
Treat them haters like they not here
Only smoke it if it’s top tier
Never puttin’ your trust in a girl, that’s bein’ smart, it’s not fear
All that I’m sayin’, their motive’s not clear
Lookin’ for a come up, you won’t get a shot here
And still them bottles gon’ pop, ’nother 30k, you gotta go shop
Even though it pains ’em, I guarantee it ain’t ever gon’ stop
I’m with a few G’s, you ready or not?
We levelin’ up, conversation’s ’bout television and such make a toast to the better us
We never die, never givin’ up
Never let sucker sheep get ahead of us
Blow rapper weed on the regular
You just rappers with weed, etcetera

[Chorus: Deji]

[Wiz Khalifa]
Whatever you like, I got it on ice
Trips to paradise, never seen you wear it twice
We don’t care the price, diamonds in our wrist wear
We celebrate 365 days out of the year
It took a lot to get here, some losses
Now we brought our own liquor and raise Porsches
Several options, stay real and still made a fortune
Doesn’t happen often
Pull up, don’t let the valet park it
Mama get in, don’t make it awkward
This some G s--- you wanna take part in
And if it ain’t, well then I’ll gladly beg your pardon
Rollin’ KK, got it straight from out the garden
Thank the Lord, just thank the Lord when we make deposits
Lot of hate but we shake it off us
We invest if it’s makin’ dollars
This for legacy [?] follows

[Chorus: Deji]