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Calboy – Dying To Live Lyrics

Dying To Live Lyrics by Calboy

I done lost like four members since i been on this trip
It like Josh’s with his son, i done wreaked the whip
They say jay was shooting a gun dugga took a hit
That s—-t is crazy, had yo’ baby, still can’t trust that b—-h
And then Anne left him
She like boy, you broke my heart with games
You way too selfish
I was thinkin’ bout thay s——t i did, so young and helpless
I was dazed, i gave my wrist a split, no one can help
It ain’t s——t, you can tell me

F—-k you thought this is, big shotgun where mama live
At 19 bought mom a crib, tell them n—–s, ion owe ’em s——t
It was me and Reia sneakin’ fashion pales like Jack and Jill
Oh i love you soul, so, i been wishing you was here
And you know [?], N—-a know just what we on
Lil bada—s was always wit it
N——-s like damn, what he on
I stay down, all ten toes
Asking me questions, i didn’t fold
N——-S be acting, they been ho–s
You ain’t tell me nothin’ i didn’t know
We gon’ put more than a dent on ’em
Gang sing hangin’ out the window
New opp in the air when the winds blows
Spot his a–s, we gon blast, n—-a, get low
[?] Hands, he gon’ prolly get the N-O
Expeditiously, ayy
Long live Wesley, i swear your lessons was gift to me
If you ain’t you hear to talk business
Sorry, your broke a–s prolly can’t get to me, ayy
Make what n——-s kill for, made it to the billboards
N—-A made history, ayy
And b—–s been calling me,
Where was you when i was stuck
I told that b—-h she can’t get not a buck
N——-S want static wit me than it’s up
Everywhere i go, i keep that b—-h tucked
Shot at me when I was just back at home
Evey n—-a wit me never got hush
You tote a .30 that still ain’t enough
Crack it wit me and them boys know what’s up

You ain’t ever lost a soldiers
You ain’t ever had your heartbroke, huh
Snake a—s n——-s try to take the whole bag
You feel like marco, huh
We just real kings, you n——-s pawns
Lil pups got [?], Huh
It’s few more fish up in the sea
But you ain’t no shark, no huh

I done made it through the storm, these n——-s ain’t believe me
Try to share your wealth with n——-s, they get extra greedy
Used to be on this side, now from out of bounds is where you see me
Play wit that bread, you end up d-ead, my boys get even Steven

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