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Rico Nasty & Kenny Beats – Nasty World (Skit) Lyrics

Nasty World (Skit) Lyrics by Rico Nasty & Kenny Beats

[Spoken Word: Tim]
This is Rrrico Nasty! Nasty World! You think you’ve got what it takes to get nasty? You think you’ve got what it takes? Your mother did. That apple didn’t fall far from the tree, rrr!

[Spoken Word: Nasty Ned]
Alright, Tim, we’re checkin’ in with all our nasty listeners out there. Be sure to keep that pussy poppin’ until the police come knockin’! Don’t ever stop it. Up next, Nasty News with Kenny Beats! This is Nasty Ned, keep giving that nasty head. Sayonara, folks

From Album: Anger Management (2019)
01. Cold
02. Cheat Code
03. Hatin
04. Big Titties (feat. EarthGang)
05. Nasty World (Skit)
06. Relative
07. Mood (feat. Splurge)
08. Sell Out
09. Again