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Rico Nasty & Kenny Beats – Relative Lyrics

Relative Lyrics by Rico Nasty & Kenny Beats

I be gettin’ money, now everybody my relative
Talkin’ bout, “It’s all up,” like I don’t know what jealousy is
Extra, extra, read all about it
Walk up in the club and I’m dressed so stylish
What is this, a skating rink? ‘Cause these b------ childish
I just bought a new Beemer truck, it came with no mileage
I be stylin’, look what I’m ridin’, I don’t do no hidin’
Higher than a b---- that’s addicted to skydivin’
One hater, two hater, three – watch all ’em pilin’
Walk up in the bank and I’m smilin’, chain full of diamonds
Just hopped off a boat and I landed on an island
You too short, can’t reach my height
I hit you from a long range, damn, they sniped you
We don’t do no plain janes, everything icy
Got it on lock so that’s why they don’t like me
Big like sumos, boss like Hugo
Ain’t no point in askin’ what it cost ’cause you know
Number one like uno, kick your a-- like judo
Dogs f--- around and bite your a-- like Cujo
And you know

She does a lot of daydreaming, imagining herself as the extrovert that she is not. She goes over and over little events in her life, reliving the successes and suffering through her failures all over again

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