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Violent Femmes – Hotel Last Resort Lyrics

Hotel Last Resort Lyrics

I don’t change the chords anymore
The chords change by themselves

The time luxury affords any bore
turns towards all the whistles and bells
I can’t even remember my best past retort
I’m in a resort town at the hotel last resort

Who did i not call
What did i not write
Blue spring gold fall
Green sumner winter white
Someone’s singing in a another language
I think might be English

The ship is leaking tonnage and tankage
They sink” lightly sing fish
Message says: ship’s flag flies at half mast
Report but not message can be sent
From the hotel last resort

You wrote me so many letters
I keep them in a bag
New hope so many “feel betters”
But jet’s aren’t the only things that lag

Bodies in motion tend to stay in motion
Bodies at rest…
That’s inertia, inertia, inertia
Did i win a million bucks
Yes you did and now you go to where the lodgings are delux
And join me in my bed where we will blaze, blast
Contort alive or dead
Laying in the hotel last resort

I don’t like to snorkel
And i don’t want to swim
I don’t laugh but i chortle
When i pass by the gym
I don’t take a tour
I don’t take on a guide
My fields i rake with manure
I’m fertilizing for pride
But the mission has been pulled
All agents must abort
And I’m losing my patience
At the hotel lust resort

I’ve become invisible
Because 1 is not divisible
I wander like the jews
I ponder on my muse
I pander to the few
I divide myself by 2
Half of half is still half
And a chortle is still not a real laugh
Yo bro where the h–s at asked a sport
Nobody knows that at the hotel last resort
In my tomorrow’s I got here
I checked out before i checked in

Vaclav Havel likes beer
And sorrows for things Slovakian
He could’ve been my best friend of human wrongs
I wished we had spoke
Fine weather in the west wind
My cuban songs
I sing for the pope
I’m still tryin’ to get some rest
In this castle this social fort
Wishing you all the best
From the hotel last resort

I don’t change the chords anymore
The chords change by themselves