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Maxo Kream – Still Lyrics

Still Lyrics by Maxo Kream
“Still” release date : May 3, 2019

[Maxo Kream’s Father]
This a warnin’ to all you haters out there
All those people that hate Maxo, man
You are like s---, blood is thicker than water
All these five fingers are not equal
This what they call Karma
What goes around, comes around
In this case, for Maxo
You gonna keep ballin’

Double decker doors and sold out shows (Uh huh)
Still bustdown ‘bows and bustdown hoes (Hoes)
Still settin’ up traps and lendin’ out packs (What)
Still hearin’ choppers, MACs, and .45 gats (Grr, du-du)
Gettin’ paid off raps but still tote straps (Trap)
But I’ll still rob the plug, he better not tax (Gimme that)
Remember hand-me-down clothes, I ain’t had s--- (Maxo)
And I’m f-----’ up racks, hit up Saks Fifth (Maxo, Maxo)
Still totin’ Glocks, still TECs, necks, hand chops (Uh)
Still f--- the opps, still doin’ 10, 10 Murder Block (For real)
Still dodgin’ cops, still servin’ out the trap spot (Yew)
You can still shop, still molly, pot, crack rock (Ya dig)
Momma told me, “Chill”, ’cause I’m fightin’ all these felonies (Momma, what)
Still makin’ deals, vacuum seals, what you tellin’ me? (Hahaha)
Brand new crib in the Hills like Beverly
Still g-------, I been Crippin’ like the elderlies (For real)
Still hit a stain, take a chain, ain’t no changin’ me (Uh)
Maxo C, still the flyest Crip you ever seen (What)
Fredo ain’t dead, cuz still livin’ through me (Yeah)
Still sippin’ lean, take a bean with the codeine (Squad)
Still take you down for a pound, what they hit for? (Gimme that, gimme that)
Still move them bales, I be posted at the Citgo (Yeah)
Same clientele, more Js than a shoe store (Uh huh)
Hand-to-hand sales, passin’ dimes like a Jew [?] (Maxo)
Still sellin’ you know what to you know who (To who?)
Law still on my a--, gotta watch my moves (F--- 12)
I still sell a 4 like two times two (Uh huh)
Hit the pint two times and he still ain’t moved (Bankroll)
Still free Lil’ Jordan, still free Ike too (Bring it home)
Bro still doin’ time, but he almost through
Still slide where Kream at, money mad, money do (Kream Clicc Gang)
Yeah, we still fightin’ RICO, man, this s--- ain’t through (Gang, gang, gang)
Still Trigger Maxo, uh huh, muhfucka
Still ridin’ through sprayin’, just slayin’ muhfucka (Uh huh)
Still don’t like n-----, 3 Ks, Uncle Ruckus (Uh huh)
Put your homie in the ground and you still ain’t touch us (Bow)
Still foreign parked at the Spice Lane, m----------- (For real)
I ain’t gotta shoot the steel, still whoop a m----------- (Whoop your a--, lil’ ho)
Yeah, a n---- still (Yeah, ho)
Still got a chopper too big to conceal (Hey, hey)
Still makin’ deals, just signed me a deal (Trap, trap)
Signed to RCA, 1.5 mil (Rich)
Still sellin’ dope, label like I need to chill (Uh huh)
Still reppin’ 1010 Murder Block still (Uh)
B---- call me Maxo, took it, that’s still (Yeah, ho)
Come around the Hill, you get jacked like Jill (Gimme that)
Still stretch a pint, hit it with that Nyquil (Finesse)
80 grams of molly, still not high still (Uh huh)
Up for three days, doctor said I need a chill pill (What)
Pop another Percocet, that’s a chill pill (Uh)

[Maxo Kream & Maxo Kream’s Father]
I don’t know, man, I’m still, man
I’m still in here freestylin’
I’m still f----- up off the Adderall, you know, man
I’m still f-----’ hoes, man, still rockin’ shows, man
Y’all know what the f--- goin’ down, man
Maxo motherfuckin’ C
I’m still here, I ain’t goin’ nowhere
My father was winnin’
And I’m winnin’
And now you, Maxo, you’re winnin’ still

Maxo Kream Lyrics