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Young Nudy – Black Hippie, White Hispter Lyrics

Black Hippie, White Hispter by Young Nudy

[Young Nudy]
I need that Black
I need that Black
Pass me that, dawg
Pass that b----, that mothafuckin’ K
I was [?] big a-- blunt
Yeah [?] bring the mothafuckin’ [?]

[Young Nudy]
Yeah, smokin’, drankin’, poppin’ pills (Yeah)
I be smokin’ weed, I don’t like [?] (Yeah)
I be sippin’ lean, I don’t drink the liquor (Yeah)
Big a-- blunt, yeah it is a Swisher (Yeah)
Big a-- Glock on a real n----
Never been a b----, slap a p---- n----
F--- on your b---- and I know you’re p----, n----
She sucked my d--- and you like to kiss her, n----
Yeah, poppin’ that Perky, no animal (Animal)
Flippin’ your b----, I got stamina (Stamna)
Eatin’ that p---- like Hannibal (Hannibal)
Y’all n----- ain’t no animals (You ain’t no animal)
Yeah, b----, I’m an animal
In the streets hangin’ ’round with the animals (I’m with the animals)
B----, you’re on the plate, eat, n---- (Yeah)
On the block with the street n----- (With the street n-----)
Candy boy, know you’re sweet, n---- (Like what?)
Yeah, my n-----, yeah we eat n----- (We eat)
All these sweet n----- (Yeah), you’s a treat, n---- (Uh-huh)
Hang with goblin, yeah, trick-or-treat, n---- (Trick-or-treat)
Stick him up, yeah, don’t move, n---- (Don’t move)
Givin’ these n----- the blues, n---- (The blues)
Yeah, your ho wanna f--- on me
You hate it, you didn’t have no clue, n---- (No clue)
You playin’, I’ll give you the blues, n---- (I’ll give you the blues)
Nothin’ but blues, the clues, n---- (Yeah)
Your mama find you on the news, n----
Slime still got the tool, n---- (I still got the tool)
N----, I bury n----- like I bury straps (Yeah)
He talk about me in a f-----’ rap (Rap)
You might wrap it up, your life a wrap (Your life a wrap)
Yeah, yeah, your life a wrap (Know that)
You can catch me in the f-----’ trap (I’m in the trap)
You can catch me in the f-----’ trap (In the trap)
Unlike other n-----, I don’t rap (I don’t rap)
Unlike other n-----, I don’t rap (I don’t rap)
N----, I rap and I f-----’ trap (F-----’ trap)
N----- saran and I f-----’ wrap (F-----’ wrap)
N----- be playin’ and I f-----’ clap (Bow)
N----- be playin’ and I chop your hand (Yeah)
N----- be playin’ and I mop your man (Mop your man)
N----- been trappin’ since China man (China man)
N---- be playin’ with the pots and pans (Pots and pans)
In the kitchen whippin’ pots and pans (Pots and pans)
Playin’ with
F-----’ a brick like a dope mane (Like a dope mane, n----)
N---- got bricks, bricks on bricks (Bricks, bricks)
N---- be choppin’ up bricks, big bricks (Big bricks)
N---- want a brick, call, cop this s--- (Call, cop this s---)
N----, you can get your dumbass remixed (Yeah)
F--- with a country boy, trick his a-- quick (Yeah)
Hundred damn P’s, yeah, I got that s--- (Yeah)
[?] when I send that s---
Yeah, I just be shippin’ them packages (Packages)
I just be trickin’ out, I’m ’bout package it (Yeah)
Runnin’ off with n-----’ packages (Yeah)
In the house countin’ up all these packages (Packages)
Nothin’ but these rackages (Rackages)
I got the rackages (Rackades)
I gotta go have that s--- (Have that s---)
In the street, I’m with real savages, b---- (Savage)
Yeah, they know I’m with savages (They know I’m with savages)
Yeah, I really be takin’ s--- (I’m takin’ s---)
On the block, really shakin’ s--- (I’m shakin’ s---)
Get that money, gotta make it, b---- (Gotta make it, b----)
F--- a n---- ’cause they hatin’, b---- (Hatin’, b----)
I’m sellin’ white cocaine
Yeah, real [?], b----

I did it, b----, f-----’ ho [?]
S--- this Glock, hahahaha
S--- this Glock
S--- my Glock

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