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Tory Lanez – What Happened To The Kids Lyrics

What Happened To The Kids by Tory Lanez

What happened to the kids?
A bunch of f----- up s--- that happened where we lived
N----- braggin’ and pro backing it at the crib, yeah
I was throwin’ blows, toe taggin’ it at the crib, yeah
Fightin’ n----- older than me
My older brother said he won’t defend me
I’m like, “F--- it, n----, don’t defend me”
I know the Lord sent me
I sense Jehova in me every time my soul is empty
I know the devil on my shoulder heavy
But the Lord’ll always have some soldiers ready
I’ve exposed how deadly this war can get already
Mind, body, flesh, and my flesh
I know the heavens and the hells
Is both fightin’ for my soul when I rest
I got these tightened up holes in my chest
They feel cold in my vest
And still, I pray my son’ll grow in my steps
So he can get that same feelin’ at night
And know his life got a purpose
And he ain’t gotta pop a pill in his life
Ain’t gotta hit them corners, chillin’ wit’ them killers at night
Like I did, and make mistakes that I did, tryna provide for my kid
I can’t let him just rumble through all of the fumble that I did
‘Cause honestly, so many times when all of these n----- I just can’t
Let his life fall into shambles, know this, life is all a gamble
But we bettin’ from this angle, n----
I’m tryna teach my brothers ’bout the dangers, n----
Cold world, I’m tryna make some f-----’ changes n----
Give us somethin’ that’s gon’ change us n----
Positive conversations when n----- angry, n----
Instead of throwin’ us in cages n----
Section 8, they got us livin’ by these wages n----
Stop treatin’ us like we dangerous n----
And maybe we’ll stop bein’ so dangerous n----
A lot of n----- out here stainin’ n-----
If he your color, he your brother, you can’t hate this n----

Self-hatred what they taught us
And look at all the s--- it brought us
Mothers, daughters, sons, and sisters all in coffins
And what we got to show? Somebody that’s recordin’ n----
Mental illness at an all-time high
We so caught up in the ‘Gram, tryna be all-time fly
So much, you can’t even show up in the same clothes
Somebody always lurkin’, they clockin’ your same pose
Callin’ all women hoes, you know how the sayin’ goes
Everywhere I go, I see the same hoes
But that’s the same s--- I’m sayin’, don’t save souls
Am I a hypocrite for sayin’ them same roles
I’m tryna change life, change mines, and change yours
But b----, I’m only human, I fall in the same toes sometimes