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Open Mike Eagle & Lizzo – Extra Consent Lyrics

Extra Consent by Open Mike Eagle & Lizzo

[Open Mike Eagle]
Girl, I want extra consent
It might not be super smooth
But listen here, I want permission if I’m makin’ a move
Girl, i want extra consent
Looks like we might have sex
Do me a favor, get a pen and put yo’ name by this X
Girl, I want extra consent
I feel like we gettin’ warm
Give me a second, hang tight
I need to print out this form
Oh shit, the paper is torn
I need to print out another copy
It’s white on top
Over a yellow color copy
So, press down hard and push the signature through
I got a notary public I shoulda mentioned to you
I didn’t know how to say it
I didn’t wanna assume
And now a short demonstration
I had to exit this room
And there’s a door on the left
Another door on the right
And in the case of emergency you can follow these lights
And please note the panic button at the foot of the bed
And give me verbal confirmation that you heard what I said
Girl, I need extra consent
Don’t need no NDA
Just need them Y-E-Ss at the end of a date
I’d like a list of your preferences and a list of complaints
I want permission to hurry up and permission to wait
Girl, I need extra consent
Girl, I need extra consent
I ain’t makin’ no assumptions, like the rest of them gents
Girl, I want extra consent
For every different position
I got a unique fetish
Get off on gettin’ permission, girl

Hol’ up, Hol’ up, Hol’ up, Hol’ up
Hol’ up, Hol’ up, Hol’ up
Wait, seriously, hold up, I gotta sign what? I’m tryna fuck
Ooooh, Ooooh
Now it’s gon’ take me ’bout two
Shots, of liquor
To I see if I go home wit’ you
I got a LLC
So you know you can’t fuck with me
Until you see that notary
Bitch where is yo’ chivalry
Don’t even hold the door for me
Wooo wooo woooooo
I said, hold the door for me
I like you, it’s simple
Initial on the nipple (yeah)
Yeah, I know, my body is a temple (yeah)
You bein’ real polite and I appreciate this shit (‘preciate that shit)
But read this body language
English, Spanish, and that dick

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