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$UICIDEBOY$ & Travis Barker – Aliens Are Ghosts Lyrics

Aliens Are Ghosts by $UICIDEBOY$ & Travis Barker

“Parsed out on this rippity-dippity-rippity-dippity-rippity-dippity triplet flows. The $uicideboy$ formula is pretty obvious at this point, whether it’d be because you’ve heard some of the duo’s previous EPs or you’re familiar with classic Hip-Hop albums that they pretty much used as inspir—”
7th Ward swervin’, white beams, wheels turnin’
Rolls gold, chrome, maxin’ on the reds, b---- I’m perfect, no
Destinationless, let’s just wait and see where we end up
Burnin’ [?] Backwoods, it’s time to tuck
B---- look at me, she say, “yuh, what the f---?”
Hoe, I’m Oddy Nuff
I don’t f--- with life forms on the planet, b----, you outta luck
I got better s--- to do like sippin’ lines out of my cup
I ain’t sharin’ paste top waste my whole life frontin’ dutch

“The flows on this thing generally are pretty tight, it seems almost as if there is a slightly larger focus on hooks with this project, too, some of which really pop, like on the track ‘Nicotine Patches’. One day I’ll forget their name…!”

I be that rotten garbage crawlin’ out the ditch, stitches for a snitch
Bodies in the fridge, blades scraping
Grey ape banging on my f------ chest, feel aesthetic
Problematic, be my m------------ guest
Yung Christ, master for a poltergeist
Feel like I’m stuck in a vice, feel like I’ve been paid my price
My wrists have been sliced
Now it’s scarred from the blade that’s pressed against my skin
Lifeless and I’m stuck up in the s---
Them walking mortals, whose lives will never end, f---—

“But simultaneously, there are spots on this album where the lyrics can come off a bit too edgy or tryhard, or basic, or juvenile…”

$UICIDEBOY$ & Travis Barker Lyrics

“Aliens Are Ghosts” Release Date: May 17, 2019