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Wu-Tang Clan – Project Kids Lyrics

Project Kids by Wu-Tang Clan ft. NAS

When I was hearin’ about Wu-Tang, I kept hearin’ about these dudes, they were comin’ to places, tearin’ s--- up,everywhere they went. And it was like, they was, they was makin’ a mark, and I kept hearin’ the, the name and I knew, I knew somethin’ was comin’ with it, you could tell, you could just feel it.

I remember bein’ around Wu and I’m like, um, “Damn, they just like us.” You know what I’m sayin’, the, the Raekwon remind me of this guy, Ghost remind me of this guy around my way. It was like cousins almost, it was like, you know, project kids. That’s what it, that was the language, project kids. We felt it, we smelt it off each other, and it just shows you, out of those housing projects come some brilliant people.

The special thing about Wu-Tang bein’ eight or nine guys was, each one was a rapper who could represent his own individual self within that crew. They were the example for all of us, ’cause we haven’t, we didn’t really see that before, like more power to them, and show love to them, respect them, you know. They’re honorable. They gave us incredible skill. They gave us incredible poetry. And they gave us music that no one’s touchin’ to this day. It’s timeless.

Wu-Tang Clan Lyrics

“Project Kids” Release Date: May 17, 2019