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The Lonely Island – Focus on the Game Lyrics

Focus on the Game Lyrics by The Lonely Island

Ah, The Oakland Coliseum
Its’s 1988 and the season’s going well
How about the height of my career
So why do I feel sad?

These days don’t recognize my own face in the mirror
[?] Not the man I wanna be
But focus on the game, Jose
The game, Jose
Don’t be a fool
Don’t throw it all the way

Haven’t talked to mom in two weeks
Things at home are even more bleak
Focus on the game, Mark
The game, Mark
Focus on the game, Mark, oh

Sir, don’t look at me cause I’m all alone in left field
Thinkin’ bout all the fucked up shit that I did to get here
Did I lose my soul?
When did I lose control?

But they tell me to focus on the game, Mark
Lord knows I’m trying
And I never leave the shower
So they never see me crying

You’re just a scared little boy in a body of a giant
A freakshow, it’s science
But then my friend says
You’re the man JC
You’re the man BigMac
You’re the only one who knows what it truly means to bash

And if one day they should come for us
And strip us of our crowns
I know that if I am going down
You’re also going down, oh

The Lonely Island Lyrics

“Focus on the Game” Release Date: May 23, 2019

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