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Taylor Bennett – American Reject (Whitehouse Freestyle) Lyrics

American Reject (Whitehouse Freestyle) by Taylor Bennett

It feels so good to be back
Supe, yeah

Uh, turn the lights out, we in a white house
What that mean? Uh, yeah, uh
Turn the lights out
We in a white house
Pour us some champagne, put on that white dress
Pull up my address, I’m so upset
What I write, what I type, I’m like rhymefest
She wanna ride, wanna ride, this is Fright Fest
Woo, yeah, she tryna digest
Tryna maintain a main frame, woo
I’m tryna f--- up the mainframe, woo
Then I’ll knock this b---- like Bruce Wayne
Bad b------ skinny dippin’ in the champagne (Yeah)
Ain’t s--- changed but the re up
I let my money talk, you should speak up
She think she a starter, yet she keep up
Ooh, (Ooh) I did it for nostalgia
Just a little deja vu (Ooh)
An innocent thing like that, something like that

American reject, what’s a defect
We out the womb n----, no C-sect
One more set, to make my sun set
We make our own etch, we on our own sketch
This is a home stretch, bowl fest contest
.5, hot shot, shot clock, LeBron s---
She gon’ shake her a-- and not ask for deposits

‘Cause she know that I got
I got my Gucci shoes dirty, g------ (Damn!)
Why she talkin’ so dirty, g------, (Damn!)
Why this flight so ugly, why these n----- wanna murder me
Wanna murder me
Stole my sauce, that’s a burglary
Cherry on my top, I need her urgently
I’m a boss, I’m sure you’ve heard of me
She put that a-- on me, that’s encouraging

American reject (Damn), what’s a defect (G------)
American reject (Damn), what’s a defect
We out the womb n---- (Damn), no C-sect
American reject (Damn), what’s a defect (Damn) (G------)
American reject, what’s a defect
We out the womb n----, no C-sect

Taylor Bennett Lyrics

“American Reject (Whitehouse Freestyle) (feat. Supa Bwe)” Released on May 28, 2019