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Albert Hammond Jr – More To Life Lyrics

More To Life by Albert Hammond Jr

You called me up for this illusion
Would you think that I
Would be unimpressed
Everyday you send confusion
Such delusions
The moneys all that’s left
But it’s alright by me
Yes it’s alright by me

So tonight be yourself
Let the music make you someone else
Not my world is what you’d say
Doesn’t mean we can’t feel this way
More to life than 9-5
When your worlds a party every night

Everyday we get invited
Cause every night we’re on tv
Living it up at the hotel
Everyone can see
That it’s alright by me
Cause it’s one, two what to do
Oh I want something new
Oh I want something to do
No ones messing with me

You know the game is something we all do
There’s more to life than what we thought we knew
I hope to see you on the other side
My life with you makes me feel alive

Albert Hammond Jr Lyrics

“More To Life” Released on May 29, 2019