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Yung Gravy – Daddy Aioli Interlude Lyrics

Daddy Aioli Interlude by Yung Gravy

I’m going crazy, baby, going crazy in this m-----------
Huh, huh, huh
I can’t even tell you how crazy we goin’
Baby, baby, baby, baby, ooh-hoo-hoo
Hoo-hoo, hoo-hoo

It’s Gravy in this m-----------
The one and only Mr. Butter
Relaxing with your thot
Daddy Aioli after, uhh, after midnight, though
And Gravy just came in hot baby
B----, I feel like Bobby Womack
My diamonds are m------------ dancing on my wrist, God damn it
We also Stanley Steemin’ a couple OBs, Gushers
Filled with the utmost bosiphorous, baby
That loud pack, that hurt-your-damn-eardrums pack
I ain’t sipping lean
Double cup of gasoline
B----, I came on Eileen
I was born at Dairy Queen
That makes me the prince of cream
B----, I think I’m clean
Think I’m Dentyne
Think I’m Bruce Springsteen
F--- that, I’ma marry Charlene
In this b---- feeling pristine
Ay, f--- R. Kelly
I’m a young Antonio Bocelli
When I sing, I make it steam

Feeling sensational, baby, we feeling sensational

Yung Gravy Lyrics

“Daddy Aioli Interlude” Released on May 31, 2019