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TJ Porter – Harlem Lyrics

Harlem by TJ Porter

Nigga, I’m from Harlem
It’s Porter!

I’m from Harlem, so the H just stands for the straight hustlers
It’s a jungle, all guerillas, them killers and gun busters
I be ridin’ around frontin’ like Porter on Wilie Burgers
Y’all been fuckin’ with the niggas nobody ain’t never heard of
TJ Porter, Harlem’s finest, I’m bringin’ the ol’ back
Any drug up in Harlem my niggas just sold that
And I make this town lit, my name good as Koufax
In the city, anywhere, everybody knows that
Spin the block now, when we pullin’ up, the top down
Yeah, it’s hot now, [?] shocked down
Workin’ all year, now they sayin’ I’ma pop now
Harlem on lock, I feel like I’m on top now
What, jumpin’ out the whip [?] straight frontin’
If you talk that talk then my niggas are straight thumpin’
If I make that call, my niggas is all coming
Come into your block, y’all niggas is off runnin’
Let’s take ’bout Harlem, 55th
Pee-Wee Kirk put up 50 and took a chip
[?] 6th , from 42nd to 45th
And Big L, 40 [?], and the shit
Don’t forget about Damon, Biggs, and [?]
All them other niggas hatin’, I bet they felt left out
36, that’s the land they cookin’ up in the pen
It ain’t cool, what the hell?
[?] trippin’ on the veil
[?], now we all at the Kingdome
Shots fired, ringin’ off, now we’re all headed home
[?], bang, bang, shootin’ out [?]
Ken had the paint range, [?] was in the zone
Now let’s take it to the east side, nigga let’s talk the facts
Man them cookouts in their cave, man, they put them on the map
Now it’s my block, preliminary for nobody
Everybody, Kenny Hutch ballin’ out with [?]
Middle East niggas, off-shore, just call and let me at ’em
With the boys, 3 A.M., then I will be back again
Express unit, we are the members with the smilin’ faces
I’ve seen some gangstas and [?]
I will chance away, RIP Lee and John Doe
[?], and you know how it go
Now we walkin’ past the border, headed down the 1st side
RIP Woozy Woo, he was screamin’ [?]
Now it’s time to take it over, I’m pullin’ up in the Maybach
Young boss niggas, they’re askin’ me where the change at
Pull it out my pocket, I bet you niggas won’t take that
Benz’ on me, young nigga, big dog, take that

“Harlem” Released on June 7, 2019