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Stef Chura – Degrees Lyrics

Degrees Lyrics by Stef Chura

All that you do
Formed into truth
You take it or leave it
Who’s got a use
All that you needed
Shaked and repeated
Uprooted and weeded
It gave you a reason
On to walk off with
Lean on my false hip
Glances they’re greedy
We’re taken them in winter
I’ve got this sea
To be released
Glance back at me
One million…


Dark as it’s been
Thicker than sin
It don’t change the circumstance
Even for a glimpse
Into a maybe
You’re gone with the crazy
You go meet yourself there
Where they’re all playthings
Deal with the ache there
Tear out the pages
Feelings in phases
Until they’re fading
Off into winter
Feed me that splinter
Burn back at me
One million…


“Degrees” Released on June 7, 2019