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J Stone – The Marathon Continues Lyrics

The Marathon Continues Lyrics by J Stone

L.A lemme see your m------------ hands right now
Hold on Stone, hold on Stone, hold on Stone, (Yeah Yeah) hold on, come back out here …(Yeah Yeah)
Y’all make some m------------ noise for my day one homeboy, Infant J-Stone
Thank y’all, Thank y’all, the Marathon Continues
Believe that
Victory Lap tonight though
Victory Lap tonight though, wassup
Long time coming huh

Either you gon’ fold or step up to the plate
When it’s your time to bat, you show them that you great
Life is what you make it, I hope you make movement
I hope your opportunity survives the opportunist
Dreams, Goals, Aspirations
Dedicated, f--- how long it takes, we never waited, we elevated
Thought we was gon stop? We accelerated
Through all the ups and downs we been through, at least we made it
Jealous n----- hated and the police raided
Took a n---- from the block to the police station
We wrote it all down, n---- we mapped it out
N----- jealous cause they wanna rap, what’s that about?
N----- wanna bang for the clout, what’s that about?
Been from the gang, it’s some s--- I never rap about
Just some young n----- trying to make it out
On the road to riches, they was lost, we had a paper route
Damn I wish Nip and Fatts was here
How y’all die at 30 something after banging all them years
You know what we live by, n---- we ain’t had no fear
All this money, power, fame, still can’t make y’all reappear
Somehow I’ma keep this Marathon going
I know now it’s on me plus I’m God’s chosen
I know it’s a lot of n----- not going
Just like I know it’s a lot of trey’s that’s not rollin’
Both of y’all told me, keep this s--- flowing
Who the f--- you thought gon keep this s--- going
Me, Cobby, Pacman, Black Sam, Cuzzy Capone, Killatwan, BH and A Down
Hoggy left some blue faces in your casket
Adam left you a backwood rolled hella fat
I left a blue rag and an All MONEY IN hat
YG poured an ace of spades, I poured cliqué
We took you through the whole LA it was NIP day
Obama wrote you a letter, what more can I say
Stevie sang at your funeral n---- you the great
The Marathon Continues that’s what you would say

So look hold on hold on one second
I’ma tell you something about me and this n---- J. Stone
We used to sell fake dope, real s---
Just so we get our little 2 to 15 weed sacks and go back to the studio and make records
I used to be this n---- engineer on Monday and he’ll rap
He’d be my engineer on Tuesday and I’ll rap
I’m just saying, staying down and hard work can go a long way
Make some noise for my n---- one more time
Aye now listen

“The Marathon Continues” Released on May 15, 2019