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GoldLink – Tiff Freestyle Lyrics

Tiff Freestyle Lyrics by GoldLink

What’s up, you b-----a-- n-----? It’s your girl ****, I’m here with my n----, GoldLink, and he’s about to… he finna freestyle
Ahahaha b-b-b-baaaa
Let’s get it

Yeah, rappin’ to feed all my future children
Sexy Black rapper who tryna plank on a million
But I won’t give a f--- ’bout s--- until a billion
And all my n----- ’round me can talk about ridin’ spinners
With the windows down, blastin’ the heat, in the sunroof chillin’
Until that feelin’, I’m never gonna forget my dealings
N----- tried to jump us, I never forget the feelin’
A month later got gunned down, they caught him slippin’
Karma’s a b----, poor man to rich, I
Two to a four, four to a six, I
Honorable n----- who turned to a snitch, wow
Money on heads and diamonds on wrists, blaow
Top ten baddest, the realest done had him, it’s that real
Fake smile, flat chest shawty, but boy, that a-- real
S-- appeal, shorty a hottie, that s--- is Max Steel
With sharp heels, that’s a bad deal
Poppin’ wheelies got n----- up in the 6
Connected to the border, they let me smuggle my sticks
Flew to Bompton, Cali, and me and Worthy just clicked
I live a life like Michael and keep it purple like Prince
Keep like seven with me, got n----- callin’ me Vick

Yo bro, I just wanna say thank you, bro! I’ve been waitin’, the time is finally here. We workin’. Shout out my haters, I made it, b-----a-- n-----

“Tiff Freestyle” Released on June 12, 2019