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Bound in Fear – The Rot Within Lyrics

Bound in Fear : The Rot Within Lyrics

Rotting in the soil
Your corpse disintegrating
As your legacy fades
I will take back my life
I feel no sadness
Only agony
This world we live in
Only drives the f------ pain

I’ve been growing rotten
Torment solidified in me
This tyranny
Will meet its end

I pray that death won’t set you free

Stay entombed in the ground
And choke upon your sins
The innocence you took
Is rotting within

You are the whisper in my ear
these days I can’t even make a tear
Flesh rots away
These memories never fade
You made your mark
Hatred is my name

Left inside

My vengeance boils until I strike you down
Left inside I rot
From this undying pain

Hollow souls of the damned
Reclaim your place upon this land
I yield to my blank spirit
Smouldered and stained in shame
Under this pain

[Alex Teyen of Black Tongue]
Hate manifest in Obsidian

There is nowhere upon this scorched earth
That I will not find you
By the maelstrom of dragging chains
And the frenzied gnashing of teeth
You will know of my coming
You will die in a shattered husk
And you will die again
Die again
Die again

“The Rot Within” Released On June 17, 2019