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Emily Weisband – Identity Crisis Lyrics

Identity Crisis by Emily Weisband

Oh oh, Imma let you in on a secret
I’d be a slut one day and a prude the next
Yeah I’d wear nothing but a bra, then a turtleneck
I’d send a picture for attention tell him he could get it,
But he’d never get very far
Yeah I’d pretend that I like drinking and cigarettes
Every time I hung out with certain friends,
And I was hitting up bible study with the rest Split personality of the heart
Tryin’ to please my daddy
so he’d be proud
And driving myself mad to fit in that crowd
And waking up so empty with no way out
Realizing I don’t know who I am now
And holy shit it’s heavy
Being in your twenties
Time of life you’re figuring out what it is you believe
But God is way more patient than he’s given credit
Turns out that your girl was the farthest thing from authentic
But I’m looking, and I’ll find it
Yeah I’m proud to say that I’m in an Identity Crisis, Identity Crisis

“Identity Crisis” Released On June 21, 2019