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Weeping Wound – 23(23)23 Lyrics

Weeping Wound have shared his new single ‘23(23)23’ : take a listen and read the ’23(23)23′ lyrics below.

Weeping Wound by Weeping Wound

At the ripe age of almost too young to remember
I was baptized in the regret of befriending these insipid ferals
That watched me ache when I was prodded with sticks
Remember the pop of the cork and the one in the bat that hit my forehead

Split open
Like the letter you left
On my mothers doorstep
Showing everyone’s a T H R E A T

They want me dead:
They’ll kill me with loneliness
But I was born and bred by the fog to fight back

Tooth & Nail motherfucker I’m never going back

It was always the plan to end it all at 23 –
I might still be going out but not for nothing
A statement, to prove to all of you I was meant to be a god

Even if divided by my muse mental illness and addictions…

Even if divided by the fact I never fit in
I don’t want to anymore youwastedpieceofshit
I don’t respect delusion –

I’m sick of all of you
Never fit in youdidn’tfuckingwantmeto
It’s for the best – don’t want to be like the rest
Complacent and weak wherever they lay their heads

So fuck:

Count your sheep
Count your dead
Count the bottles in cradles and mothers who swallow dirt instead

Count your sheep
Count your dead
Count your blessings ’cause when my time comes they’ll all know what you did

Make it stop:
You can’t make me

Things would make more sense
With a fucking hole in my head
I was born and bred
I was born…

‘Weeping Wound’ Released on July 5, 2019