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GraveBound – Disconnect Lyrics

Disconnect by GraveBound

For what its worth, i really tried my best
The wasted years have come back to haunt me
The hands that keep me in this hell are slowly killing me

It tears me from my reality
You’re nothing more than a curse, a false idol
The ones who follow will be the first to go

Where do i go from here?
The road i knew is gone
Trapped in an endless game
Never moving forward
It takes away my pain
Yet drags me through the dirt
The rise and fall of me
Will be controlled by you

Severed my ties, but i still come back
What will i be?
Can my willingness to fight save me this time?

The bad moves we made
Have led us to a point
Where nothing can be saved
You have a voice, make it heard
Save us all or just yourself

On my own, i’ll take away everything we made and say:
I can see the end drawing closer

I can see the end

GraveBound Lyrics

‘Disconnect’ Released on July 5, 2019