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The Hold Steady – You Did Good Kid Lyrics

You Did Good Kid by The Hold Steady

You did good kid.
You did good kid.

When your low serotonin’s got you brittle and glitchy
And your friend from the null set isn’t calling you back yet
And your opening bombs and you’re a few beats up ahead of the laugh track.

How you gonna talk about who’s toxic or not?
You gonna pick thru the pills? You gonna call in the cops?
The comedian claimed that he forgot all his props.
And the jokes don’t really work well without them.

We were sleeping on the shuttle on the way to the club.
And the holy perception and the most precious blood
It flooded the ruts and it soaked the upholstery.
The driver made us walk the remainder.

She came around the corner with a diplomat’s shake.
And some kind of crystal container.
Yeah, mutually assured destruction is oftentimes a no brainer.

The drifters in the kitchen
Were thrashing thru the passion.
Boys, let’s try to keep it on the carpet.
You wouldn’t be so impressed with the sunrise
If it wasn’t for the darkness.

You did good kid.
You did good kid.

But you settled for the first girl that said you were sweet.
You bought a little house up on Sycamore Street.
You hung around the money until they cut you a piece.
You did good kid. You did good kid.

But the things they didn’t tell you when you went off to work.
How does it feel? Where does it hurt?
You can’t see the wires when they’re under his shirt.
But they’re taking down every single detail.

He came into the club with the commemorative plates.
A depiction of The Slaughter at Shiloh.
The light in his eyes was diminished
But they announced his arrival.

Once the assistant hitched us into the harness
The wolves all started acting kinda sheepish.
Woke up in a bed with a spray painted mattress
Dripping wet with the emotional weakness.

And every single moment gets abandoned and emptied.
Every single speaker gets blown.
And now you wanna go home.

Oh dude. They made a movie starring you.
Oh man. This wasn’t what you planned.

You fold your hands and you laugh at the jokes.
You did good kid. You did good kid.
Oaks and acorns. Acorns and oaks.
You did good kid. You did good kid.
Searching out another mouth in the smoke.
You did good kid. You did good kid.

You did good kid.

Song: You Did Good Kid
Artist: The Hold Steady
Released: July 23, 2019