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Mac Miller – The Sun Room (Somewhere In Space) Lyrics

The Sun Room (Somewhere In Space) by Mac Miller

Umm, hey, this some real fake s---
Yeah, yo, yo, um
Said, um

So  don’t you ever wanna hide away (‘Way)
Poseidon  triumph in the eyes of rain (Okay)
Won’t give a f--- about tomorrow if I die today (Okay)
I’ll  greet the Devil with a smiling face (Cheese)
S---, that God fellow may reside in space (Woah)
See, time’s a wasting I’m freebasing with Freemasons
My girl’s switching the locks, the keys keep changing (Damn)
Dreaming  of places, my own personal creations
If there’s a party in Heaven, I plan to leave wasted (Woo)
Retracing my steps way back to Biblical times
We all gon’ end up meeting at the finishing line (Uh-huh)
Drop a book above your head watch it cripple your mind, f---
(Oh s---, oh s---, oh s---, oh s---, oh s---)
Um, I’m watching these bombs droppin’ with Tom Coughlin
Got a b----, but he c--- blocking I gotta stop it (Okay)
Molly poppin’ with Armani Dolci, not a problem (Aha)
This random thought might just set me free (Set me free)
What if Galileo conversated with Plato ’bout b------ with fat a---- Who like to snort yayo off the, same table the children were laying Dreidel on, you killed the Cain get your Abel on (Uh-huh)
I’ma saber tooth tiger with good posture, young grass hopper Money that last longer than good karma (Woah)
You finish quickly like Garfield lasagna
Arnie Palmer’s around my team, ya mean? Jeez (Jeez)
For you the best I’ll never see (See)
Unless, um, reconvene in my dreams and start clean (Okay)
These blonde freaks are right at a arms reach (They right there)
But we should just live in a suite down in Palm Beach (Go)
It calms me to know that we all free (All free)
To harm me better come witcha your army (Your army)
‘Cause there ain’t no telling what we do in space (Space)
If the aliens came to change the human race (Y’all can’t stop)
Talk about a bunch of meaningless crap (Uh-huh)
Things I think sound intelligent are probably irrelevant
Remembering the team I’m assembling (Okay)
I’m the boss, better let me win
Ladies and gentlemen (Yeah)
Ladies and gentlemen (Gentlemen)

Alright, alright, alright, alright
Alright, alright, alright, alright
Alright, alright, alright, alright
Alright, alright, alright, alright
Aye, aye

Song: The Sun Room (Somewhere In Space)
Artist: Mac Miller