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ScHoolboy Q & Alchemist – WYGDTNS Lyrics

WYGDTNS by ScHoolboy Q & Alchemist

Ugh, yo, yo
“But  Q, when you gonna drop that new s---?”
Oh, just let it rock, ugh
Tryna figure out, mayne
How  you wake up and not be a f-----’ player? Y’er’mean?
Woke  up, didn’t even brush my teeth, it’s the motion, n----
Went to the garage, said, “Eenie-miney-mo”
Opened  the garage
Jumped in that b----, started it
Put that b---- in reverse, ugh!
Forgot to close the gate and I forgot to drop the motherfuckin’ top, hang on
You  feel me?
Hit the freeway, I’m doin’, like, 80
Nappy a-- hair blowin’ in the wind, chin hairs blowin’ in the wind
And all of a sudden… ay, yo hang on
My n---- Alchemist slid through the AC vent
Haha, yeah
N----, slid through the AC vent with the seatbelt already on
I love this n----, man, hang on
Ayy, but when you gonna drop that new s---?
N---- hit me up like, “‘Member that s---, Alc’?”
N----- like:

“Q! When you gonna drop that new s---?”
Guess what, n----? I dropped this!
Between my life, my fame, my body, my daughter
Be happy, I’m focused
Stay on that flight like tourists
Runnin’ them lights, no purist
Me and this hood here furious, oh
“But when you gonna drop that new s---?”
Come on, my n----
You see what I’m doing here take time
Could’ve came with the same rhymes
Flipping that same b----, whipping that same brick
Stand on that same block, ugh
Screaming them same “YAWK!”s
Get a feature from K.Dot
Put me under that same box, too talented for it
The rings, the chains, the Porsche
Credibly crippin’, the first to do it
The bridge, the verse, the chorus, owh
“But when you gon’ drop that new s---?”
Stop it, lil’ n----, I does this
Sensei in these studio dungeons
Two years, lost four of my cousins
Three to the bullet and one to the liquor they gave us
But tell me this weed is scented
Shout out my life for living
Sold me them lies on Christmas
Told me I live in Los Angeles
But need a green card for Latins
So-called “terrorists” attacking
And Trump could actually happen
Damn, hang on

“But Q, when you gonna drop that new s---?”
I’m done with your stupid a--, cuh
I hate your voice too
Get away from me, cuh
You ain’t even hear what the f--- I’m saying, my n----
N-----… N----- been waiting something…
Been waiting for something since 2012
You n----- so stupid, I already dropped…
Get two of them thangs
(Drop that new s---)

N----- always talkin’ bout this ol’ pimping s--- right here
I’m the one that they gon let the record reflect, y’er’mean?
M------------ always asking me “What’s up with Q?”
Man i don’t know whats up with that African, y’er’mean?
That’s just my partner, y’er’mean? S---…
Always asking me “When he gonna drop something?”
“When he gonna do another video?”
Quit asking me all that s---, g------!
I’m doing me, let the record reflect
Right? Y’er’mean?
Always speaking on me! “Ohh, what’s up with that n----”
Don’t worry ’bout it, b----!

Artist: ScHoolboy Q & Alchemist
Released: July 29, 2019