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Bazanji – 24 Freestyle Lyrics

24 Freestyle By Bazanji

More life

New year same me
I been killing these beats
I been bringin’ the heat
I been feelin’ more free
People changin’ round me
Lotta shit built up
Now I gotta let loose
People lookin’ for love
I been lookin’ for truth
Hard to find, what’s new
Time for me to unleash
I’m becoming a beast
Followin’ what I do
Can’t believe what I see
People actin a fool
Tryna come and play me
I ain’t workin’ for you
I been movin’ alone
Always gotta stay true
Workin’ outta my home
Got the game in my hand
Always stick to my plan
I don’t have an escape
Do this shit for my fans
Do this shit for my fam
Puttin’ the food on they plate
Speaking of family I do a lot for the people who keep me from goin’ insane
All of the shit on the internet not what it look to be so I be stayin’ away
I put my mom in a foreign
Then I went back to recording
Soon I’ll be finally touring
Travel the world I’m exploring
Meeting the people who show love
Feel like I’ve finally grown up
I’ve been avoiding the shit
That you people be posting just hoping it blow up
Lately I’m feelin’ so restless
Trading my sleep for my goals
And lately I’m acting so reckless
Spending my money on clothes
Buying that Gucci don’t make me feel any more better than shopping at Kohl’s
But I did it anyway cuz I be seein’ it when I be lookin’ at posts
I’m movin’ away from that lifestyle
Less fake, more real smiles
People sayin’ they love me
But got my number and won’t dial
When I be goin’ through hard times
I should’ve known you were that type
Now I’m ignoring my timeline
Blocking out all of the bad vibes
I been focused on good things
Winning team need more rings
Stay down for my real ones
Noticing what the world brings
24 years old
8 years on my road
Don’t matter how many more
I know this the life that I chose

Song: 24 Freestyle
Artist: Bazanji
Released: August 2, 2019