Bon Iver – Salem Lyrics

Salem By Bon Iver

Salem burns the leaves
Then she
Returns to cure and see
Heavy fate
After years of waiting

‘Cause abnormalities
Are everywhere you see
So what I think we need
Is elasticity, empowerment & ease

So I won’t lead no lie
With our hearts the only matter why
How long its lasted
Ive not received reciprocity

To speak supportively
Big guy
Theres no automatic peace
But i bet you’d keep
All these in-betweens that bar my youth

Though no anorberic dream
Fars I know
I tried too hard to see
What I thought it’d be
Asking constantly
Hows it gonna be?

So Im gonna weep a while
You dont even know how hard
I’ve learned a lesson
Dont ask me Ive
Torn the banner from the line

Song: Salem
Artist: Bon Iver
Released: August 7, 2019

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