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Lucrecia – Katawaredoki Lyrics

Katawaredoki By Lucrecia

Screaming towards this nighttime sky
I imagined these stars each one like pairs of eyes
Peering down on me weeping this bouquet of color oh so vividly,
Each fragment forever falling like a tear
Our strata fissures and begins to tear,
Blurring these boundaries of
Past and present existence
Your strings entangle me

Our souls begin to lucidly awaken
Within the depths of this dream
Wavering faintly
Living but not awake

Entranced in a dreambound state
I long to know you a part of you is a part of me reinventing who I’m meant to be
With each and every footstep our hearts unexpectedly continue to beat closer than the last.
Twisting, tangling, our threads unraveling, breaking and connecting
These fine red strands of fate braided in time converging taking shape

We ebb and flow through the current of uncertainty of the lives we live by
Drifting in your light
Divulging to your heart
I can be your light,
Whispering your name
Would this come as a nuisance or a surprise

Flickering falling stars cascade the night sky
Oct 4th the city sleeps in flames
As I faintly could feel your disconnect
Recalling scenery I forgot in time
Why does this wrings my heart so
These clocks begin to slow two timelines out of sync
If time’s hands can really be turned back
Then please grant me this one final chance
To be with you again

Can’t you see how close we are
Reaching past the hands of time
Your voice echoes faintly
Please come to me, remember me?

I’ll stand by you at the intersection points of our existences
(In this moment)
Blurring the edges of twilight
(I see you smilin’)
Enamored in entirely in disbelief
(With you looking back at me)
That back then you were the one who came for me
So I will treasure this experience because soon these memories will all seem to fade away from us

We’ll write our names upon these hands in this uncertainty
Tears keep on falling down
And I can remember
Divulging to your heart
Fading into light

Forever searching
Possessed by longing ever since the day the stars came falling
Nothing short of a beautiful view
Meet me someday beyond goodbye
Until that day I’ll always be seeking out your name

Song: Katawaredoki
Artist: Lucrecia
Released: August 12, 2019