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SKY – Stars Lyrics

Stars by SKY

I just want to run in
And take you far away
Someplace we never been
Chasing stars in the dark

I know you hate this place
Looking right through your heart
That it drives you insane
Hoping you won’t fall apart

We’re chasing stars in the dark
in the dark, in the dark

If i had to choose your happiness over mine, i would
Cause you’re so misunderstood and i know that all too good
When i look at you i see someone wishing that they could
Touch the stars someday, somewhere that time withstood

I just want
You in front of me
Even if it means
I’ll burn inside your reach

Let me take you far away
[take you far away]

You can say, what you want, but i know
You’re afraid of being left all alone
But i’ll be, by your side, through your lows
Just don’t let me go

If everything is fine
Then why, do you sound broken
It’s not like you to hide
Your thoughts feel so unspoken

Just let me be your sign
Take my hand and let’s just drive
Somewhere the stars all collide
Through the night just you and i

Just you and i
Just you and i
Just you and i
Just you and i

I don’t care if we can’t find our way back home
As long as you’re with me, we can leave, all we’ve known
Just you and i, together
Chasing through the night

Song: Stars
Artist: SKY
Released: August 14, 2019