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Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – The Next Day Lyrics

The Next Day by Freddie Gibbs & Madlib

Yeah, Kane Train Baby
Swimming in this b----
Pulling stunts in my GTR
’99 Dolomite in my momma VCR
I’m in Miami found, ? Keisha and Tiara
I keep my foreign parked on ? street with somebody daughter
Chipping of the block your whole background photo shopped
Pulled up in a drop I got both choppers in Robocop
Trying to see if imma bust a play on your hoe or not
Cuz last time I beat she was like
Loud pipes, bit rims ? that’s my lifestyle
I still neglect hoe, prestos off white now
Same n---- different rank
Bird whipping, kitchen stank
Dropped it off the top, boy I be kicking s--- like Billy Blanks
City didn’t clean, I might do white stuff like Billy hoe
She gave the p---- up in a sleepover that’s a give and go
She gave the kitty cat to my n----, now that’s an alley oop
Within a year or two dumb ball player gonna marry you
Y’all can have her though
Kane train baby

Uh, I skipped the college, split the ?
Biggest, Christopher Wallace, rims is polished
Seat dirty, pushed the mileage, pulled the ?
Now theirs coolers, ?, impalas, but more brolic
Call it how I see it, who want it, that knock chompers
That long smoke holders, straight bonkers, all knockers
Your chick got shot to the vodka, ? for the doctor
I fix it ? no better offer
I got a lab in the office where I would ?
Kinda s---, I ? hell, I making the soul darker
See all you get is that raw from here
I got the fiends in party like
S--- we f------ ?
Looking at the amount before we bounce
I got the smoke clouds thick in the club
Back to the house, f------ with somebody’s spouse
Eat breakfast within her mouth

Good looking out for the ? though
Doc know, MadGibbs

Song: The Next Day
Artist: Freddie Gibbs & Madlib
Released: August 16, 2019