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Oh Sees – Henchlock Lyrics

Henchlock by Oh Sees

Too much information, maybe, discipline
So much aggravation, baby, it’s a drag
Too much hesitation, maybe, I’m feeling low
Without complications, baby, without woe, yeah

I got concentration, baby, in my eye
It’s a fetid nation, maybe, it’s a drag
An abomination, maybe, but I won’t cry
Without complication, baby, without woe, yeah

Let’s have compensation, baby, for your crimes
Evil men still living but they are fine
It’s an evil nation, baby, death and dying
Looking out the window, baby, it’s on fire, yeah

Where is that cup of tea?
We all want cups of tea while we sit around

It’s an easy living, baby, when you’re dying
On an empty stomach, maybe, but feeling fine
Holler when you’re yonder, baby, what’s it like?
Often we do wonder, baby, about the afterlife, yeah

Song: Henchlock
Artist: Oh Sees
Released: August 16, 2019