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Imagine Dragons – Take My Heart Away Lyrics

Take My Heart Away by Imagine Dragons

Woke up at 12 today
Feeling a certain way
One more week until my therapy
Won’t check the news today
I know it’s not ok
Doctor don’t tell me what I already know

So then I open up my mind
Yeah it’s broken up inside
And I pick a distant memory
Yeah I comb through my past
No there’s nothing wrong with that
I just need some medicine in me

It’s just too much today
It’s just too much for me
I just can’t get away, way

So runaway ’cause I feel too much
Can’t let go of it all I’m trying
Take my heart away
(Take my heart away)
Runaway ’cause I’m losing touch
Don’t know why I feel this much
Take my heart away
(Take my heart away)

Song: Take My Heart Away
Released on August 21, 2019

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