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Silas – Buddy (1998) Lyrics

Buddy (1998) by Silas

What’s my purpose
Know it’s deeper than the surface
Everything these people say is nothing
Know that they be fronting
Cause I came up in a time
Rhyming specials on my mind
Just wanna be the illest
And hope that the world gon feel us
But f--- it I’m on my own s---
The s--- that make me feel good
Remind back when I started just to feel good
Like we ain’t from the hood but I see it as my outlet
People sayin I’d be nothing now they never doubt em
Chip on my shoulder my girl been pushin Corollas
I need a change here man I need a change fear
Out my muhfuckin mind till I’m finally seeing clear
If you didn’t know my family always called me buddy
Swear I used to f----- hate it now I think back to the lovely times
Stress ain’t all up on my mind just started to bust a rhyme
Swear I know what I been here to do
Can’t let fear control you tryna see the real in you

I feel a difference on these late nights I been happier
My energy enclosed for something great and I suppose
That my life is on a different path deeper than this rap
And I swear that I can help the people stop em from just livin evil
Buddy buddy do you know how I been feelin now
Pushin thru this life and I been praying that you figure out
Take em back to when I used to say I’ll find a way
Feels like a decade and no there ain’t no time to waste
But do you really know the truth cause when I rhyme it through
Know these verses heaven sent for every thing that I been through
Kyle Seth And Tyler done seen it I’m talkin dreamin
Leaving anger in the past cause the pain it never last
Time to focus why I fell in love wit rappin
Here’s what happens when you put a boy wit nuffin inside of a booth come packin’
You lacking to show ya roots you lackin just go and tell the truth
Can’t let fear control you I’m tryna see the real in you

Song: Buddy (1998)
Released on August 27, 2019