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Steven Universe The Movie – system/BOOT.PearlFinal(3).Info Lyrics

system/BOOT.PearlFinal(3).Info by Steven Universe The Movie

How do you do
My “Um-Greg Universe?”
Thank you for bringing me into the world
I am at your eternal service
Welcome to your new Pearl

What’s going on?
Could her gem be cracked?
It looks fine to me

Ruby! Are you okay?
Ah! Who are you? You’re not my assignment!
I could really use an explanation here…
Allow me to illuminate!

A Ruby guard
But just a single one
They tend to come in teams of three or more
A precious Sapphire
She sees the future
That’s who the Ruby’s for

My Sapphire! As my sworn duty and sole purpose, I will protect you with my life!
I know you will, that’s why I predict you won’t last more than a day
Come now

Hey, Amethyst?
Hey, Amethyst?
What? No, you’re Amethyst!
What? No, you’re Amethyst!

You must be right
This is an Amethyst
Except an Amethyst is big and strong
This one is not the best example
Something is clearly wrong

I do say, something is clearly wrong.
What are all these different Gems doing in this strange place?
Pearl, don’t you recognize them? Don’t you recognize me?
Hmm, well, I certainly recognize my “Um-Greg Universe!”
Ohh, boy
As for you, hmm
Get back!
Yippee! I’m so excited to meet you!
You’re not mad?
Mad? Why would I be mad at my best friend?

This will be fun
Aren’t you the lucky one?
Her cut is perfect and she’s pink, as well
She’ll bring you endless entertainment
Your new, best friend, Spinel

Song: “system/BOOT.PearlFinal(3).Info”
Release Date: September 2, 2019