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IDK – I Do Me . . . You Do You Lyrics

I Do Me . . . You Do You by IDK

Why don’t we, why don’t we, why don’t we fall in love?
So many things I’m goin’ through
So much that I wanna do
Startin’ to become so [?] of me, yeah
Tomorrow ain’t really guaranteed
So many days I thought of you
It’s about time you know the truth
Got to act quickly, you and I
Can’t fall in love, so many reasons why
Why don’t we, why don’t we
Why don’t we, why don’t we
Why don’t we fall

So, I know how you kinda feel about religion based off of your own work but, I wanna ask you this: do you believe that there’s a higher power?
I mean, hell yeah, it’s a higher power
I mean, somethin’ had to come up with all this shit
But, if, if it’s, it… I think God is in everybody (Mhm)
Shit is, is what you believe in, it’s what brings you that, that mentioned joy, that, that you can’t even explain
I see, I see what you say
So let me say this

Tellin’ us today that a man built Noah’s Ark is just as crazy as us tellin’ a caveman we built robot bitches we can fuck

Song: “I Do Me . . . You Do You”
Release Date: September 4, 2019