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Belle & Sebastian – This Letter Lyrics

This Letter by Belle & Sebastian

Now i know this letter is write out of the blue
All i ever wanted was to talk to you
And a coffee and a moving renting car
Heading to the nearest place i felt like fall
Honey can i call you that in secret print
Was will never hurt you if the [?] clear
All i want for you is joying peaceful love
Who you get it from it’s not my main concerne

It’s like a fountain every time i think of you
Turning on the [?] that wouldn’t [?] you
Though i messed up i figure that on mine
See you true and clearly in another life
That’s the rain fall slowly on this landing roof
I [?] to tell you all about the truth
Here’s the wondering what you were thinking of
I’ve giving in to endless days of being [?]

If i could have energy to chase the tale
I would end up chasing all the good away
Who was that to pick up all the bloody mess
Who was there to [?]
No one human nobody is good enough

How can this be done
How can i make it through
Teenage dreams do never what to meant to do
Knock a door and listen to the wisdom speak
Leave your knife your [?] make believe
Thought the world is far to calling to the news
[?] get you out of what you have to do
Thought the world is far to swinging to the right
Doesn’t get you up of what you have to do tonight

Song: “This Letter”
Release Date: September 5, 2019