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NLE Choppa x BlocBoy JB – ChopBloc Part 2 Lyrics

ChopBloc Part 2 by NLE Choppa x BlocBoy JB

F--- it, b---- I’m thuggin’, the Glock, I’m tuckin’ (Tuckin’)
Up it, I knock yo’ muffin, end of discussion (Glltt, glltt)
I don’t do no f-----’ cuffin’, I f--- yo’ cousin (Yeah)
She say that my d--- is lovely, I think she love me (Huh, ayy)
Hit him with the Drake, I ain’t talkin bout Aubrey
You say you a killer, lil’ n---- you flagin
And just like a pizza, I want me some toppings
And if it’s a problem, you know I’ma solve it (B----)
Buckle yo’ s---, b---- I’m ready to drill you
And just like a ghost, I give you the chills (Yeah)
B---- I’m deep in the water, they call me a seal (Yeah)
You was f-----’ with me, somehow you got killed
I’m like, “Ooh”, I be goin’ coupe, I might have to rob you
Pull up where that n---- work, shoot him though the drive-through
And don’t speak up on my name, n----, I advise you (B----)
I put a bullet throught yo’ head (Where?)
Right between yo’ f-----’ eyes, fool
I got a tool on me, Handy Mandy, that b---- dandy
Just like a squirrel, b---- I want me a nut, just call me Sandy
On Halloween, I was robbin’ the kids for that candy
Now, I grew up hittin’ licks and these n-----, they can’t stand it
Drop-top Chop, b---- I knock that top
I broke a b---- spinal cord when I gave her backshots
I put a n---- on Fox
That’s if he talkin’ to the cops
Choppa how many bodies you got?
B----, I got a lot
I put the Perc’ up in my Henny so you know I’m gettin’ silly
I leave yo’ body in the old town road, just like I’m Billy
B---- I’m Gucci’d down, now, a n---- used to shop in [?]
And all these Pampers-a-- hoes really out here feelin’ chitty (Yeah yeah)

Ayy, ayy
That’s how you feel (Feel)
I’ on the block with the steel (Steel)
I’m in the club and I’m runnin’ these hoes
This s--- feel like it’s [?]
If you talkin’ ’bout hte crippin’ s--- homie, I benn doin’ this s--- for years (Fool)
What the price homie? All this ice on me, this s--- got me up on chills (Choo)
Ride through the city, with yo’ b----, get my d--- sucked
Bank account on [?], we gettin’ big bucks
Big BN chain name, never got my s--- took
I heard them n----- talkin’ smoke, well b---- you know that s--- up
Before I work it out with a b---- I do a sit-up
.40 to his mouth, I gun him down, now he can’t get up
I heard the opps talkin’, I know hot to close their lips up
This s--- get personal, I put his momma in the pick-up
.40 on the side, Choppa on the left of me
Please don’t judge me, all this weed and beef get the best of me
Heard you got that type of bad b----, but yo’ b---- chubby
I could be the illest n---- in the room and yo’ b----’d still f--- me
I heard she’s got no cash, you on a low budget
You payin’ for that a--, you got a whole budget
You gettin’ to it with ya’ hoe, because yo’ how buggin’
I teach that b---- a lil’ politeness, have her toe-touchin’