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Djo – Mutual Future (Repeat) Lyrics

Mutual Future (Repeat) by Djo:
Mentally unprepared for the future that I’m livin’ in
Cover to cover, the mark of a lover
Is patience through time
Will you be mine?
I am only half a man without you

Absolutely certain that these feelings that we’re going through
Must have a meaning
The way that we’re leaning doesn’t look good
Maybe it could
Whisper to me, “Everything’s gonna be alright”

Moving away, moving away
Moving away, moving away

Now I know this
Yesterday’s done with
How can I know what the future holds
Each second is a piece of gold
And I want you
Baby, I need you
Seems untrue, but I know I do
Each day is gonna be so blue
If we don’t get to see this through
I won’t be sorry
(I won’t be sorry)
(I won’t be sorry)
(I won’t be sorry)

Hey, they’re ready for ya
I’m coming, I’m coming
God bless me