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Djo – Tentpole Shangrila Lyrics

Tentpole Shangrila by Djo:
Let me down, this is freaking me out
All of this attention puts the glamorous on in sight
Oh yeah, all right
This tentpole Shangri-La displays this paradise in new light

So mark my words ’cause they gonna be true
If you don’t change your insides, they’ll take enemies over you
Oh yeah, all right
This tentpole Shangri-La has got it’s sights between your eyes

Why can’t you just go on and let me go

[?] does it ring any bells
One of the faces that you stranded on the shelf
Oh no, all right
This tentpole Shangri-La has turned me into something trite
[?] complications that you made up all the time
Have I proven to [?] fabricated in your mind
Oh no, I thought that’s all right
So I turn to [?] my baby girl
She said she’s never seen me in her life