Blac Youngsta – Start A Fire Lyrics

Start A Fire by Blac Youngsta:
Niggas shot me caugh me by surprise
I got blood clot in my eyes
I got court tomorrow How I might pull up in a lamb
I might double park my ride
I gotta thank god I gotta do this for my fam ’cause they always by my side
Break my momma heart everytime I hit the street she be praying I don’t die
I’m in the hood with the wild wild west
Took a hundred killers to the sifi west
When you get money you don’t go to the counter
Big [?] shit gotta stop by the desk
Shoot a hundred grand thru the medical detector
Where I come from I’m a well respecter
I ain’t gotta front I’m well respected
I ain’t know boy I’m well protected
Got to war with me that’s a suicide brrr
Tryna ride with me that’s a do or die Gang Gang
When I hit my lil bitch from the back raw cut
I don’t wanna pull out, pull out in the lamb I’ll brake the hood out
I don’t even give a fuck with my own hood now
Took a lost thru a crost hurt my soul I don’t give a fuck ’cause I’m all good now

Pull up in a truck like yeah
girl you wanna suck my dick
These little rap niggas scared
I’m in the hood like yeah yeah
Said you put money on my head
Why if i’m not dead
Trying my hardest everytime I gotta say lil baby ain’t fedz

What’s on me still ain’t gotta be explain
I’m in the hood so I’m allow to bang
Put alot of niggas in pc
And I stood up and told them what I claimed
You gotta a mouth but that don’t mean you have to sing
I bought house before I ever bought a chain
I wanted out but I ain’t never left the gang
I bought a glock before I ever bought a wayne C,D
Locked in the cage like the catafli
I’m on the stage with a 45
I’m with some cold niggas from the south
Reach on my chain and start a fire
Me and my niggas tight ain’t no falling out
We don’t ride bikes that shit out of style
All that pillow talking boy you out a bounds
Fuck boi you a pedofile

All these lil niggas wanna be me
I’m fucked up I ain’t wanna feed me
Never seen my dad why he had to leave me
Now he gotta see me through the tv
Dien not a belt that’s a double gg
Ice on my neck that’s a big vv
r.i.p to my niggas laying in the grave
Gotta stay strong ’cause my kids need me
Rest in peace
You know I gotta keep a tech on me
You know I’m down for a first degree murder
You know I’m shooting at the referry
Can’t chase you when I get the best of me
If they just wanna get next to me
They just wanna get the rest of me

You know I came from the mutha fucking mud nigga
You know what i’m saying
They ain’t believing me till this shit happen
I had to make these niggas believing this shit
I don’t feel sorry for know nigga I felt behind if
I left you belong there
God got you but I don’t