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The Backpack Kid – THE HATERS Lyrics

THE HATERS by The Backpack Kid:
Why you gotta be hater sliding up on my story like a skater
But I still be ballin’ I’m swishing a fader
I’m shocking the world a lil bit like a taser
You try to stop me
You try to bring me down
But that ain’t gonna happen ’cause I never wanna drown
I’m a prince and a king Imma reach for the crown
These haters sp jealous they acting like clowns
They really don’t know what they really be talkin’ ’bout when the be commenting under my page
I look at the comment and give it a chuckle I’m thinking that haters be lost like a maze

You see me in person you taking a photo with me but I look at my gram and you comment on me
Issa top comment and it be something real mean
Is it december ’cause you’re like the grinch in this B
Yeah I went up to this one girl that used to be mean to me
Made eye contact I said do you remember me
She said yes and she asked can you follow me
But I said I don’t want none of that foolery
I know some people I said I could trust I guess I was wrong I left them in the dust
But I drive a hummer so it’s not a bummer my mind is so bright like a day in the summer
Back and I’m better like from a cocoon I’m spreading my wings like a butterfly do
Keep my head up like a baloon I’m in my new car going zoom
Please don’t make me mad I’m in no type of mood in 2k I lag but I drip with the flu
I’m in trinided you stuck like some glue but I travel a lot you got nothing to do
Haters gone hate but no they never wanna go lurkin’ my page and they scrolling they going low
All of my haters they creepin’ like nematodes
Buy a new stadium call me doug dimmadome

But it’s too bad the haters they not gonna stop like 12 they be nosey they snoopin’ like cops
But it’s A ok ’cause I’m making that guap
Look at me and you I’m more successful sessful
So I don’t care about yo’ comments at all at all
Commenters be mean but I don’t really mind at all
They can stay or leave but their not gonna see me fall
They be bouncing back-and-forth to my page like a ball
You can click unfollow but I guess that it’s your call