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Darrin Bradbury – The Trouble with Time Lyrics

Song Lyrics to The Trouble with Time by Darrin Bradbury (feat. Margo Price):
If you close your eyes, you can travel through time
Just pick anywhere that you like in your mind
Running through the woods with a childhood dog
A hand that you held, the hand that you loved

So I close my eyes and I walk with you
But the trouble with time is you can take a wrong step
End up somewhere you tried to forget
A broken bone or a heart that’s bruised
Sometimes I walk through the bad just to walk with you

So I close my eyes and I walk too far
Turn around and wonder where you are

So I woke up this morning and I got out of bed
Tripped on my pants and fell on my head
Found myself in 1992
Guess if I just keep walking one day I’ll find you