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Travis Thompson – Glass Ceiling Lyrics

Glass Ceiling by Travis Thompson Ft. Prometheus Brown, Macklemore & Sir Mix-a-Lot:
Live from occupied Duwamish territory
Where geo, saba laid the bricks for Trav to tell the story
Of a youngin from the bottom
Grown up skatin’ sippin’ forties
With Biyani on the nano with a Microsoft recording
Swan dive down my mama up in Swedish
Hit the hill the first day
To find some whiskey and a free bitch
That was back in ’96
And the fourth that we defeated
While he laid up on the court
I was toasting to this season
So an L never new to me
Fell into the foolery
Your favorite rapper in the back
Like move let the students see
I can tell it’s all an act
I can smell a movie scene
How y’all be from legendary cities
And still do the lease
Could it be us?
I mean it wouldn’t be dog
If it’s a ceiling, I’m shooting up
And they all night long
So stick your tongue out
(Shots are falling now)
I come now
You run now
Don’t be styling my come up when I come out
They gon’ see
Play your part or take a seat
I know I’ma be a legend
Why the fuck I’d wait to be
Take the kids up out the town
But you can’t take it out the team
Ty my dealer
Mama’s crib in sweats and slippers
Hit the weed
It don’t get realer than me
The [?] done cut his raise hell
Its a wave if you dont know it
You could drown or parasail
This shit sweet like the revenge
And all this hunger pairs well
With some homies who were really there to tell

Taco Bell on Broadway used to hit different (hit different)
Orange soda with the monarch we mix it (mix it)
Fast forward true story – I lived it
Take the torch and run when mix gives it
I remember when the scholars sold out the Chop Suey
I hit the u-ey
The line was wrapped around the block
And if it wasn’t for Geo and Saba
Letting us open at the paramount for the scholars
It might have changed the as
Paying us a couple hundred dollars
I might not be in this house
Looking over the water
And I don’t know if I believe in karma
But I got daughters and ain’t eating at five point ever
Fucking I’m lit
I watched Wordsayer
I studied Tribal
I’m top five of all time with the live show
I walk up on the hands of people like a tight rope
And sold out key arena five times with my eyes closed
Whose counting?
Whose doubting?
Whose mounting?
Bringing motherfucking team
Whole league getting rowdy
With a six team that the city can be proud of
Now the deal’s been inked
Me, the owner of the Sounders’
And I’m going to bring back the king-dom
2030 something mayor when I get grown
Until then I ain’t giving up this thrown
Cuz the homie from Ambaum already got his on

And the region still waiting to blow
Even though
We been seeing explosions for like ten years or mo’
Now the outskirts thriving but the city lost it’s old
And the OG’s dying in the time we need them most
We were beefing over coast
Now we beefing over post
Is you writing, or channeling or ghostin’?
In your quotes, guess it don’t really matter
I’m just rooting for my team
Cooking for my people til the day we finally see you liberated
Cold ceilings, territory I’ma be
With the people who acknowledge me for me
Not the people who tryna network
Or get some shit for free
In my inbox, sayin’ what’s good we gotta link
(Tap in with me one time)
I miss this shit
I don’t miss the attention
Still a blue sky like just in case you had to question
Beat rock, til I get reverted to the essence
Northwest til I get the porto for my pigment

Who me be?
Glass ceiling that’s the drugs we doin’
Ain’t no limits here baby
Here it come
Do you remember me?
The black seed
With hood knees
The hood greed forced me to
Chase feeds and get freed
I concede my pop hits was paper makers
Gotta get my mama out these projects
Cuz I’m a shaker
The nurse at the King County jail
I was sucking in game
She was bringing in mail
The city is in me
Y’all can’t bend me
I was full of good game
Spiked out of envy
Here I sit, a few platinum hits
Are you cool with this shit
Nah here this
They real street boys for life
If it wasn’t for them
I’d be humming a slave hymn, for him
Blessed to be called by Mack and T-X-T
The city’s in good hands
It’s easy to sleep
I’m good with the business
And since the door closed
That fat motherfucker got balls, eat ’em