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Teejayx6 – Swipe Story 3 Lyrics

Swipe Story 3 by Teejayx6:
Last summer I done got so many iPhones
But now shit changed you gotta do it with the SIM card
Since everybody’s been doing it, they done made the shit a lot harder
My whole city know what I be doing, I gotta drive far
Go to Enterprise you can get you a rental car
But the person that’s gonna drive gotta have they license
I got a credit line so I got a bunch of free devices
Using credit when I order so I’m not worried about any prices
You can purchase a rental whip off the Turo app
I re-route they system and they send me my money back
But they security so bad cuz I still use the car
Use Horizon Credit and the site let me clear my card
Bought some bank logins and I added it on Apple Pay
I got the fire BINs, send myself two bands per day
But sometimes the piece will only hit for like 50
Used to go to Dollar General to grab a teddy bear and gift piece
Walk up to the counter like can I load 500?
Cuz my sister graduated and I’m trying to buy her a few gifts
I used to have have a petty ass BIN that only hit for Lyfts
Now I got so many methods that I can’t even count em
Come back from the road and count the [?] money counter
Can’t dress up in designer I gotta look like a out of towner
So just go to Foot Locker and buy a few fits
Gotta look like a rich black man about his business
Going to Verizon, I need some iPhones for my business
Clerk asks too many questions man stay out my business
You can get 3 iPhones off the business plan
And if you got a good [?] it’s no down payment
If you start getting a few jacks, I advise you to save them
Because you can sell them to the plug if there’s ever a drought
Use the local WiFi, don’t do that shit at your house
Slid the furniture from Art Van, my mama needed a couch

I just threw up having flashbacks
Every other morning I wake up to a different cash card
Bought an Android so I’m about to go and activate it
Use the spoof app so I can get the code verification
Got this fire method so I bypass the verification
Then I went and got some iPads up at Best Buy
Put a smile on my face when it said I got approved
Because I remember times my shit wouldn’t hit for food
Almost got caught up at the bank, cuz I didn’t play it smooth
They fucked around and deposited the wrong check
I put the one that had a whole different name on it
Covered it up with White-Out so now it’s different from what came on it