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Dame D.O.L.L.A. – I Rest My Case (Shaq Diss) Lyrics

I Rest My Case by Dame D.O.L.L.A. LYRICS

We got Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless and all these sports people talkin’ bout championships, and basketball this
This is rap
Y’all out y’all’s jurisdiction and you can’t save ’em

He easy working, he know it but fans ride you
I know you know when niggas really love you, they’ll lie too
And it hit different when pressure really apply fool
Goofy cutting checks and his BM sponsor is side dues
I could walk away and not lose a second of sleep
Run up on a wolf ’cause I got the texture of sheep
Classy with my bullshit, I professor a lesson in beef
Paying cats to write, is decease a pay for relief?
You’s a clout chaser, even after all the success
Fake love on the camera, he capping all at the desk
Ghost writers on deck, checker boards, no chess
Hailing from the land of the muscle cars, no flex
You not a rapper, you comedy, commentary, and actor
Feed ’em with a slingshot, you better call the pastor
David and Goliath, your stature’s a non-factor
Friends really love you, they scatter and contact you like
“Shaq just let it be ’cause no weapons gon’ ever prosper
Remember you’re a cop with endorsements and you’re a doctor”
I’ma get the tommy and do the diesel like proctor
And your weight rising, you might get sneaked at the opera
You awkward, I know you got habits to cover bases
Head up in the clouds but his rumble is in the basement
Tell the world prepare for a harder fall on the pavement
Then I put you under, today I’m working the grave shift
Raised real solid, I’m DOLLA but not for dollar sign
Only Dame you beat was 2000 and that was Stoudemire
Music to my ears when a phony or any coward try
Cut out all the lights on this oldie, I’m like the power guy
I think your pen kinda sketchy, you should’ve left me
Sensitive, I almost confused you with Lisa Leslie
How you swing on Chuck and then try and go be his bestie?
Love them mosh pits full of men, you be looking zesty
What you thought, ’cause you popular, shit was sweet?
We spot insecurities far away in the East
I don’t wanna hear it, don’t bargain with me for peace
‘Cause we gon’ shoot it out ’til you bow and just never speak
I mean it, I’m not the one, I don’t care about what you did
What you done lately? Don’t tell me ’bout what was then
When you was in your prime getting faded off fifths of Hen’
I was rocking Js in my pop’s Mercedes Benz
Uh, so basically all that money not gon’ impress me
I been on the thinnest of ice and turned into Gretzky
Even if you cut me a check, you could never check me
This a epic moment in sports, I need a ESPY
I know you only competing for some attention
You was hot then, but today, you honorable mention
All your closest folks need to come with an intervention
The General commercial’s a little over-extended
Cut it short man, this really ain’t worth your legacy
Rather get embarrassed instead of live with the jealousy
The game moved on, you was gone, she’s no Penelope
You play with GP and B. Shaw, you know the pedigree
A wise men said “A clown gon’ always perform”
Rather stay in character ‘stead of weather the storm
You can call me Damian ’cause my supremacy’s born
Told me sex myself, stay away from the porn
I done talked music with Jada, Juvie and Weezy
Pusha T, Common and Jesus with me like Yeezy
Budden podcast and do special olympics with Stevie
No wonder you feel a way, and I fuck with G-Eazy
Jamie Foxx, 2 Chainz, I really rock with the dopest
I was in the stu’ all night with Marsha Ambrosius
You gon’ say you always had it rocking like a boulder
The real original was yelling “No Limit Soldier!”